It’s a pleasure to e-meet you!
I often travel around the world and to the US specifically to visit our international and American clients, meet with advisors and other professionals and expand my network.
I really appreciate the opportunity to be able to make new contacts around the world and in the United States in this way.
Many thanks for letting me introduce myself and what we do at Alpen Partners and Alpen Partners International.
I am also grateful to be able to bring Switzerland closer to you and welcome you to my network.
Swiss-based but with an international reach, I have been working with an international clientele including US and Canadian clients since 2006 and together with my partners, we created Alpen Partners as well as Alpen Partners International, registered with the SEC as an investment advisor, specifically to serve American clients domiciled in the US and abroad, and those that become US Persons.
We have offices in Geneva, Zurich, further up Lake Zurich in Bäch, and in Lugano.
From Switzerland, we help international and North American investors expand their investment horizons, moving beyond “domestic-only” investment portfolios and diversifying home-bias risk.
Our bespoke, globally-diversified investment strategies are designed to complement local investment portfolios already in place back home.
We provide a wide array of family office services in addition to asset management.
In 2022,
despite the corona crisis and its ongoing impact, Fitch has renewed Switzerland’s AAA-rating with a stable outlook. The Deep Knowledge Group in its Covid-19 Regional Safety Assessment has ranked Switzerland first for its economic resilience, its careful approach and its ability to handle the aftermath of the pandemic.
Switzerland’s long-term stability makes it the global leader and an excellent jurisdiction for cross-border wealth management for investors around the world.
I enjoy working together with forward-thinking wealth advisors interested in adding a Swiss-based, international component to their clients’ overall wealth strategies. Together we are able to provide international and North American investors with true added-value and appropriately diversified wealth management strategies.
Never more than a phone call or click away, I am excited to explore ways we can cooperate to the benefit of our clients.
I hope that travel will pick up again and I’ll be able to meet you personally. Naturally, you are always welcome to visit Switzerland to experience the atmosphere of the Swiss financial center firsthand…and see the sights!
With best regards from Switzerland,
Pierre Gabris
Founder and Managing Partner
Zurich office:
Alpen Partners AG | Alpen Partners International AG (for US clients)
Member of the Association of Swiss Asset Managers
SEC-registered as an investment advisor
I’m looking forward to scheduling a call or zoom to touch base personally!

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