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Sustainable investing has many benefits. Namely, it allows investors to expand the due diligence process when determining if a company is worth investing in. Instead of just looking at a company’s balance sheet and valuation metrics, the analysis is expanded to include additional data points that provide insight into the attractiveness (or lack thereof) of making an investment.

Some sustainability metrics include water usage, carbon footprint, or employee compensation, many of which provide clues on how the company will perform.

For example, board diversity is closely linked to a company’s financing costs. Numerous research reports have shown that companies committed to responsible practices often provide outperformance for investors over the long term.

At Alpen Partners International, we build customizable portfolios for clients who want to incorporate sustainability into their investment strategy. Additionally, we allow for additional ‘screens’ that ensure their holdings reflect their values. For example, if our client doesn’t want to invest in tobacco companies, we can remove them from the selection process altogether.

Some of the most common portfolio screens include:

  • Climate change
  • Human & animal rights
  • Weapons
  • Workplace equality
  • Access to health care and other vital human services
As we do with all of our investments, we will monitor performance on an ongoing basis to ensure the performance is tracking the risk-adjusted targets we’ve set out to achieve.

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