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Real estate remains a staple in portfolios all around the world. Whether purchasing domestic or international property, Alpen Partners can ensure you find the best investment for your needs. An investment in real estate can be utilized for income, as a way to progress in the expatriation journey, and as a step-in retirement planning.

Invest in real estate markets all over the world and:

  • Diversify your portfolio.
  • Tap into international markets.
  • Explore the world.
  • Receive tax benefits.
  • Protect assets.

Take advantage of booming international markets. Invest in real estate with Alpen Partners International.

Our team is prepared to assist you in finding the perfect property for you. Whether you want to generate income, make an investment as a step closer to second residency, or just want the perfect vacation home, Alpen Partners will be there every step of the way.

We also invest in various real estate funds covering markets of interest for our clients, typically Switzerland, Germany, Asia and the US.


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