Asset Management


Lock in your wealth.

You have worked hard to grow your wealth. Don’t let it slip away. By working with Alpen Partners International to create an asset protection plan, you can legally and effectively keep your assets outside of the reach of creditors via asset protection trusts and other asset protection strategies.
We have developed the expertise needed for asset protection strategies for clients’ global industries. Our leading tax and legal experts worldwide create the best protection structure to ensure their assets are safe.
Don’t lose what you have worked hard for. Create a plan with Alpen Partners International.
An asset protection plan means nothing without the right manager. We have gained numerous clients with an asset protection structure, but their assets were not growing their wealth. Alpen Partners International creates investment strategies that not only protect your capital but also grow it.
You can’t wait for a lawsuit to happen. Once a lawsuit begins, it is too late to begin your asset protection plan. You don’t want a temporary fix. Create a long term plan with Alpen Partners International today!

Place your assets where creditors will not be able to reach them with one of the strongest asset protection options available.

Portfolio Theory

Build a balanced, diverse portfolio to hedge against inflation and gain a return by investing in various asset classes, currencies and regions. Create a strong portfolio with Modern Portfolio Theory.


Protect yourself from market volatility. We can invest in options, futures and short ETFs to hedge your portfolio.


Plan ahead and identify the risks you are facing and the losses you are willing to take. Create a unique plan to fight against the risks you can and buffer the losses you take.

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