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International trusts are some of the strongest asset protection plans out there when done right. Legally transfer assets out of reach of future creditors and put them in an impenetrable place. With an international trust, individuals take assets out of their name and place them into a trust that heightens the safety of their investments.

Don’t lose what you have worked hard for. Protect your wealth with an international trust, asset protection trust, or property protection trust. Alpen Partners International examines your current financial situation and goals and can implement the perfect asset protection plan for you.

With an international trust, you can:

  • Protect assets: When kept in an international trust or asset protection trust, an investment is held outside of a creditor’s reach.
  • Diversify: By diversifying with international investments held in an international trust, an investor can fight portfolio volatility while keeping high returns.
  • Assistants Private Banking: International trusts offer a high level of privacy and reduce an investor’s exposure to frivolous litigation.

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