Services Dedicated to Athletes and Entertainers

How to protect those who are suddenly wealthy. Professional athletes and entertainers are subject to unique circumstances, especially those who have a quickly growing career. This article looks [...]


Foreign Investment in Malta

Malta is the smallest country in the European Union but should not be overlooked! This sunny Mediterranean country is the sunniest nation in the EU. It offers wealthy investors the opportunity to [...]


Joe Biden’s United States Immigration Plan

How does this change residency by investment? With a newly elected US president, many aren’t sure what his immigration plan can mean for them. In this article, we cover what some of those [...]


Relocate to Canada

In this article, we dive into why our clients love relocating to Canada, where to live, and how you can begin your expatriation journey with us. Contact Alpen Partners to get started!  Benefits [...]

Don’t Move to Monaco Quite Yet

A guide to relocating to one of the wealthiest countries in the world. People all over the world are not just not happy with where they live. Fortunately, relocating or expatriating can make for [...]

Why You Need a High-End Credit Card

Don’t miss out on luxurious travel perks.   Are you in need of more luxurious travel? Maybe you wish you could get rewards when you make purchases? Do you want your credit card to offer more? If [...]

Why You Need Dual Citizenship

The benefits of having a second passport. Imagine being able to get on a plane and traveling to your favorite country without having to pay the money and do the paperwork to get a visa. Now [...]

American Express Centurion Card

The invite-only, high-end credit card that everyone wants. For the affluent consumer, a high-end credit card is a must-have, especially in recent years. Not only do high-end credit cardholders [...]

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