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For many years Alpen Partners has been working closely with Canadian clients, investors that know that a globally-diversified investment portfolio means potentially higher returns with lower volatility. They appreciate the ability to hold a portion of their assets in Switzerland at a Swiss private bank managed by Alpen Partners, an independent Swiss wealth manager.

We are excited to announce that:

Alpen Partners has received the Licence as Portfolio Manager throughout Canada. This includes all ten provinces of Canada: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Québec, and Saskatchewan.

The licence opens the door to offering investment advice and managing investment portfolios on behalf of Canadian clients. This means buying, selling, and managing securities, including Canadian securities. When advising clients on Canadian securities, they can be ensured that we make informed decisions based on our understanding of the Canadian market. This will provide valuable guidance to a large range of clients, especially entrepreneurs, executives, and clients who hold stocks and options of Canadian listed companies.

The Canadian stock market has been at the forefront of many new trends and technologies that include among others mining, sports betting, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, gaming and AI. Many of these entrepreneurs are looking for solutions to custody their assets outside of Canada for various reasons, ranging from diversification, asset protection or hedging.

Reputable and regulated entity

Registration ensures that Alpen Partners complies with the regulatory framework established by the securities commissions and operates within the boundaries of the law, meeting the necessary regulatory standards. It ensures that we meet the highest professional standards, have undergone regulatory scrutiny, including background checks, and that we have the necessary qualifications and experience to manage our clients’ investments.

Registering as a portfolio manager subjects Alpen Partners to ongoing regulatory oversight, including periodic audits, compliance reviews, and reporting requirements ensuring that we operate in a fair, transparent, and compliant manner.

We have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of their clients. This duty requires us to provide suitable advice and recommendations that align with our clients’ investment objectives, risk tolerance, and financial situation. By being registered, Alpen Partners is held to a higher standard of care, ensuring that we prioritize our clients’ interests when managing their international and Canadian stock portfolios.

Alpen Partners is the leading asset management company in Switzerland that is fully-registered with the securities commissions in Canada. Combined with Alpen Partners International’s SEC registration in the United States the Alpen Partners group is now the leading Swiss player offering asset management services to North American clients.

In our experience…

The majority of HNWI and UHNWI Canadians tend to hold most of their assets within the Canadian domestic market, allocating less than 10% of their assets outside of Canada. Their investments are primarily focused on the Canadian stock market, dominated by energy and resources, that represents less than 4% of the global market capitalization.

In our experience there are many reasons why Canadian investors are eager to expand their investment universe and capture investment opportunities in innovative industries under-represented in Canada. Switzerland, as the world’s global leader for private cross-border wealth management, is a preferred jurisdiction.

Stability and Security: Switzerland is known for its political stability, strong legal system, and financial security. These factors attract investors who seek a safe and reliable environment to safeguard their wealth.

Global Financial Hub: Switzerland has a long-standing reputation as a global financial hub, with a well-developed banking and investment infrastructure. The country is home to numerous international banks, asset management firms, and financial service providers, offering a wide range of investment opportunities and expertise.

Portfolio Diversification: Investing internationally, including in Switzerland, allows Canadians to diversify their investment portfolios geographically. By spreading investments across different regions, industries, and currencies, investors can reduce risk and potentially enhance returns. Switzerland offers access to a diverse range of investment options, including stocks, bonds, commodities, and alternative investments.

Strong Currency: The Swiss franc (CHF) is considered a stable and highly valued currency. For Canadian investors, investing in Swiss assets denominated in CHF can provide a hedge against currency risk and exposure to a strong currency.

Asset Protection: Holding assets in Switzerland allows for asset protection as it forces creditors to access funds in a new jurisdiction. Switzerland has laws and regulations in place that provide a certain level of protection for individuals and their assets against civil lawsuits. These measures can make it more challenging for creditors to access assets held in Swiss institutions.

Innovation and Research: Switzerland has a strong focus on innovation and research, particularly in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and technology. Investing in Swiss companies or funds can provide exposure to cutting-edge industries and potentially high-growth opportunities.

Privacy and Confidentiality: Switzerland has traditionally been associated with strong banking privacy laws and Switzerland maintains a reputation for protecting client confidentiality and data security.

Expertise in Wealth Management: Switzerland has a long history of expertise in wealth management and private banking. Swiss financial institutions are renowned for their professionalism, discretion, and client-oriented approach. Investors may be attracted to the high level of service and personalized wealth management solutions offered by Swiss institutions.

Canadian Investors should benefit from a wide range of investment opportunities around the globe through increased exposure to global market opportunities and, at the same time, reduce single market and institutional risk.

In addition to the internationally allocated portion of an overall investment strategy, the Canadian portion can receive the same meticulous attention from Alpen Partners.

Alpen Partners offers Discretionary and Advisory Mandates according to our clients’ individual goals and risk profiles.

So, let’s get started, eh?

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