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Switzerland has long been a global financial hub, known for its stability and sophisticated banking system. Among the prominent institutions that have thrived in this environment, EFG International (EFG) headquartered in Zurich stands out as a true leader. It has become an exceptional custodian bank, particularly for international clients, including Americans, who wish to hold assets in Switzerland.

Alpen Partners, an independent Swiss wealth management firm, and Alpen Partners International, registered with the SEC and specializing in serving American clients both in the United States and internationally, proudly maintain a strong partnership with EFG International as a preferred custodian bank in Switzerland.

A Glimpse into EFG History

EFG, previously known as the European Financial Group, was founded in 1995, making it a relatively young institution compared to some of its venerable Swiss counterparts. However, its youth was accompanied by dynamism and a relentless commitment to providing a wide range of financial services. The bank has grown steadily since its inception, becoming a key player in Switzerland’s banking sector.

EFG’s journey to prominence was marked by strategic acquisitions expanding its presence in Switzerland and globally, establishing a strong foundation for its future growth.

EFG has around 2,700 employees worldwide and at the end of 2022 had assets under management totaling CHF 143.1 billion, and has a strong capital position along with a highly liquid balance sheet. Listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange since 2005, EFG offers financial security and solidity. They are committed to being a leading independent partner to their clients.

The bank’s remarkable history, coupled with its core values, has made it a trustworthy partner for Alpen Partners’ international clients seeking custodian services in Switzerland.

The Swiss advantage

Switzerland’s enduring reputation as a financial haven is based on its political stability, neutrality, and stringent banking regulations. The nation’s commitment to preserving client confidentiality and privacy, as well as its long-standing tradition of providing impeccable wealth management services, has made it an attractive destination for high-net-worth individuals and institutions worldwide.

EFG leverages these Swiss advantages, offering international clients, including Americans, an opportunity to tap into Switzerland’s remarkable financial ecosystem.

Reasons why EFG is an ideal custodian bank for an international clientele

Privacy and Confidentiality

Switzerland has managed to strike a delicate balance between transparency and client privacy. EFG adheres diligently to the regulations, ensuring that client data remains confidential and protected while complying with global tax and transparency standards.

Reporting requirements

EFG International upholds a rigorous commitment to transparency and compliance with reporting requirements and tax obligations. The bank meticulously ensures that clients receive the necessary documentation to fulfill their reporting responsibilities. This includes adhering to international standards such as the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) and the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) for American clients.

By providing comprehensive and accurate reporting documents, EFG empowers its clients to navigate the complexities of tax compliance, assuring them of a smooth and legally sound financial journey.

An Ideal Combination for Diverse Investment Opportunities

EFG offers a broad spectrum of custodian solutions, catering to the diverse requirements of international clients, including American investors. The combination of Alpen Partners as the designated investment advisor and EFG as custodian enables clients to access diversified asset management strategies and strategic financial planning.

Personalized Service

One of EFG’s hallmarks is its personalized approach to service. The bank assigns relationship managers who work closely with independent asset managers to understand their needs for a comprehensive custodian service for their clients.

Technological Innovation

As a modern financial institution, EFG stays at the forefront of technological advancements. International clients benefit from cutting-edge digital tools, which provide easy access to accounts, streamlined reporting, and real-time monitoring of investments. This commitment to innovation ensures that Alpen Partners’ clients’ assets are managed with convenience and security.

EFG’s history in Switzerland is a testament to its enduring commitment

The combination of Switzerland’s renowned financial environment and EFG’s expertise in cross-border custodian solutions makes it a superb choice for international clients, including Americans, looking to hold assets in Switzerland. With a legacy of excellence and a dedication to serving the unique needs of its global clientele, EFG stands as a trusted custodian bank that provides financial stability and privacy on a global scale.

Alpen Partners can highly recommend EFG as a custodian bank to our international clients due to its exceptional expertise and unwavering commitment to client-centric services, making it an ideal choice for safeguarding and growing our clients’ assets.

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