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Your pension money needs to be held safe.

There are several reasons to move your financial life offshore, including financial security, a new lifestyle, or better tax laws. No matter the reason, one of the best places an individual can place money worldwide is Switzerland. With a strong economy and a secure, trustworthy banking system, people from all over the world are finding that Switzerland is the best place to place their retirement savings.

In this article, we cover why people are taking their pension money offshore and, more specifically, why they are choosing Switzerland. For more information on taking funds offshore, contact the expert team of Alpen Partners.

Why Move Pension Money

There are many reasons why an individual would want to take pension money offshore. Many individuals around the world don’t feel safe placing money into their domestic banks. This could be for social, economic, or political reasons. For these people, you can choose a country that has historically had higher regulations, transparent jurisdictions, and an all-around more secure banking system. Moving money offshore may offer their pension plan more safety. Another reason why individuals may transfer their pension funds to a different country is because of appealing tax laws. Some countries offer little to no taxation on savings accounts such as a pension.

Probably one of the most popular reasons for moving pension money offshore is because an individual has chosen to take their entire life offshore and relocate for work, change in lifestyle, or retirement. When you leave your home country, do you still want to be paying the taxes for the country in which you no longer live? Further, ex-pats especially enjoy the safety and security of some banking systems. Holding wealth in a Swiss account has been a popular move for many retirees or savvy investors who live in regions of the world, such as Latin America, who are not known for secure banking systems.

Why Should I Move My Pension Fund To Switzerland?
To answer why individuals are taking their pensions offshore to Switzerland, we will look at why Switzerland is one of the most trusted countries for financial activities. Switzerland is first and foremost known for its security. Many expatriate destinations and offshore living destinations don’t have the safest banks. Switzerland places a lot of thought into security measures for account holders. Further, when looking for an offshore destination for a pension, one should choose a country with a strong economy with years of stability. Switzerland is historically one of the strongest economies. Further, banks play an important role in the Swiss economy, so taking funds from another country and placing them into a Swiss account has been highly regarded by many savvy investors and advisors. They are well known for sophisticated and discreet banking services. Choosing Switzerland as a banking destination is choosing years and years of financial stability and growth.

Privacy is a leading factor for those looking to bank offshore. With the same expectations as doctor/patient confidentiality, Swiss laws forbid bankers to disclose that someone even holds a bank account or any information about it without the consent of the account holder. If any of the information is divulged, laws require that immediate prosecution begins. Holding a pension in Switzerland is the best idea for many because their home country is not as economically nor politically stable as the Swiss government. They are worried about the security of their domestically stored funds. It can be fairly easy to open a bank account in Switzerland or move a pension, with the right resources. Opening a bank account in Switzerland is not hard; it just may take some time. You may also be asked to have a valid passport, various documents about your financial history and income, and documents proving you are who you say you are.

Moving Pension Funds With Alpen Partners

Taking your pension offshore is not as easy as simply transferring the funds. It takes a professional to navigate international financial regulations, tax laws, and know which banks to trust with your pension money. For this reason, our professional team is prepared to help with moving your pension, with the help of our trusted partners. If you are ready to move your pension to Switzerland, our team is ready to help. At Alpen Partners, we only entrust your money in the hands of the most prestigious and trustworthy banks. When you choose us to guide you through the tricky world of investment, financial planning, and asset managing, know that you are also choosing the world’s best banks, both private and public. Whether you are looking for a safer place for your savings, looking for a new home, or want some tax relief, our team can help navigate the best options for you.

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