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Relocating to a European paradise.

Investors all over the world find themselves outgrowing their life as it is now. Maybe they want to elevate their lifestyle, or they are looking for ways to enhance their portfolio with new investment options. Whatever the reason, we believe that it’s possible to create a better life for yourself in Switzerland. Our high-earning clients find success through relocation. Offshore financial centers can open up an entire world for even the most experienced investors by offering personal and economic opportunities not available everywhere. Expatriating offers many benefits to investors that are good for your finances and can offer an invaluable cultural experience. A lot of people are also looking for a more attractive place for their families. Many popular European destinations are appealing to foreigners by offering lower tax rates and incentives for wealthy investors. Switzerland is one of these places, and there is no question why some of the world’s wealthiest investors flock to this country for a second residency or even citizenship. In this article, we will look at what Switzerland has to offer and how you can begin your relocation journey with Alpen Partners. Contact our team to find out your first steps.

Why move to Switzerland?

Before we look into how you can begin your journey to the Alps, let’s look at some of the benefits of choosing Switzerland. You will find that there are both personal and economic advantages for you and your family.

Personal Life

Switzerland is a small country located at the meeting point of Western, Central, and Southern Europe, consisting of 26 cantons with the federal government based in Bern. Italy, France, Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein, so residents enjoy a plethora of travel options for pleasure and business. In fact, you can be in France, Germany, Italy, or the U.K. within an hour. There is a lot to see while you are there as the area is recognized for the Swiss Plateau, the Alps, and Jura. Natural beauty attracts visitors from around the globe. The Swiss population is small, sitting at 8.6 million as of 2021. The residents are private and tend to keep to themselves, and politically, the country is stable and safe. The country hasn’t been involved in war conflict since 1515. The education system is top tier. Adding up all of these factors equates Switzerland as an ideal place to raise a family.


While the lifestyle benefits are attractive, we need to address the financial benefits for investors and business owners. Switzerland is one of Western Europe’s most prosperous countries and boasts nearly the highest GDP in the region, at 748 billion U.S. dollars, and there is no national deficit. This means the country is fully backed by a self-reliant economy that is very appealing for those looking to grow their portfolio. The country also reports low unemployment and high per capita income. All of this economic and political stability comes at a price, and it is expensive to live in Switzerland. Our clients who move to the country are high earners.

With great financial success, the Swiss franc, the country’s currency, is worth a lot, making it a highly sought out investment. Investing in the Swiss franc offers high security, low risk, and protection from inflation. One of the easiest ways to invest in Swiss francs is through exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, that trade in U.S. stock exchanges. CurrencyShares’ Swiss Franc Trust tracks the price of Swiss francs in comparison to the U.S. dollar. Real estate is another option for investors. Swiss real estate is notoriously difficult for foreigners to obtain, meaning that this real estate is highly coveted by wealthy investors hoping for the highest returns. Since the country is small and wealthy, it is an optimal place to purchase real estate. The small size geographically creates a higher premium on real estate than would exist in a more sprawling nation. In addition, the relatively high income of the population means that it will not be hard to find clients to rent out one’s Swiss real estate. There are many more investment options. If you are hoping to expand your portfolio, we can find investments that will deliver the results you need.


The economic success of Switzerland is partially due to the ideal banking system. Investors worldwide will open bank accounts for various reasons, such as asset protection investment options and more overall safety and security. Account-holders can expect years and years of financial growth, privacy, and safety. Not unlike the expectations of doctor/patient confidentiality, Swiss laws forbid bankers to disclose that someone even holds a bank account or any information about it without the consent of the account holder. If any of the information is divulged, laws require that immediate prosecution begins. Not only do individuals trust Swiss banks to hold their money, but they also trust them to store their gold, precious metals, and other asset types. For more information on the benefits of Swiss banking, contact Alpen Partners. We have close relationships with leading Swiss banks and can help you create an account easily.


There is a misconception that Switzerland is a tax-free nation, but that’s not true. There are, however, benefits offered by the Swiss government to foreign individuals and corporations. One of the most appealing perks is the lump sum option for taxes which allows a household to pay an annual lump sum rather than at a rate based on income. The amount they pay in the lump sum is often lower than the tax rate on their annual income. Additionally, the government taxes on a household basis rather than on the individual can lower and simplify taxes for wealthy families. Not only does the Swiss government offer great taxation benefits to individuals and families, but there are also advantages for international corporations. Almost 30% of Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. have subsidiaries in Switzerland, as there are heavy tax breaks for companies that hold 20% of shares of other corporations. Cantons levy no taxes on holding corporations. Small shell corporations are popular in the region because of this.

How to move to Switzerland

After reading about all of the benefits of living in Switzerland, our clients are excited to hear that Switzerland is very open to immigrants. You can easily access the high standards of living and freedom, while it does come with a price. It is undeniably easier for residents of European nations, especially those in the Schengen region, E.U., or EFTA, as these citizens have access to Switzerland without a visa and will need to apply for a residence permit. There is no limit to how many of these immigrants can obtain a permit each year. It is much more difficult for non-European immigrants to begin their life in Switzerland but not impossible. To enter, non-European citizens will have to apply for a long-stay visa to enter the country, such as the Swiss Family Unification Visa, work visa, study visa, or other applicable programs. Like other European countries, Switzerland offers a residency by investment [Link to the article Residency by Investment in Switzerland] option that grants residence to investors who invest about USD 170,000 or CHF 150,000 minimum as a lump sum taxation fee (LST). For more information on residency by investment in Europe, contact Alpen Partners, and we can find the best route for you. After holding continuous permanent residence for ten years, individuals can apply to naturalize as a Swiss citizen through the Swiss Federal Office of Migration. This office will determine if an applicant integrated themselves into the local culture. The only way to bypass this ten years is through qualifying programs such as through right of blood or marriage.

Moving to Switzerland with Alpen Partners

Are you interested in the relocation services offered by Alpen Partners? We are ready to help every step of the way. Switzerland attracts expats from all over the world with attractive investment options, ideal banking conditions, high standards of living, and more. With the assistance of our immigration lawyers, you can live your dream in the Alps and create a relocation plan that will best fit your needs no matter how much planning you’ve done so far. Every step can be made easier with help, including choosing a country that best fits your needs, finding the residence options that work with your goals, making sure everything is completed correctly regarding taxes, acquiring work permits, making investments, and more.

Beyond relocation, our team can guide you through any personal and financial planning you need. So, if you are feeling trapped by your local investment options and want to spread your wings a bit, consider relocating to Switzerland with Alpen Partners. Contact us below!

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