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How to open an account and protect your assets ?

Opening an offshore bank account creates many opportunities for investors to grow their wealth and protect their current wealth. Wealthy global investors understand how to secure assets in certain jurisdictions. If you ask wealthy investors, many will say one of the most powerful success tools is opening a bank account offshore. Switzerland, for example, has one of the best banking jurisdictions for global investors and has some of the most favorable banking regulations. In this article, we look at the benefits of holding a bank account in Switzerland and how you can easily open a Swiss bank account with Alpen Partners.

Benefits of a Swiss Bank Account

Let’s look at some of the benefits our clients get when they open an offshore account in a bank in Switzerland.

Strong Economy of Switzerland

Switzerland is considered one of the wealthiest countries in the region, with one of the highest GDPs in Western Europe and no national deficit. Unemployment rates are low, and income is high per capita. Swiss citizens are happy with their economy, and wealthy investors often move here to take advantage of economic security. However, offshore banking is not exclusively for investors in unstable economies. Individuals from first-class nations still hold a Swiss bank account to a higher degree than others. Investors often look for a safe, strong economy and geopolitical climate when deciding on their offshore banking destination.

Asset Protection

Confidentiality is one of the leading reasons our clients may be seeking out an offshore account. Switzerland is well known for its tight confidentiality laws forbidding bankers to disclose information regarding an individual’s account. They aren’t even allowed to disclose that a person even holds a bank account or any other information about it without the direct consent of the account holder. If a bank does give out personal information without the account holder’s permission, immediate action is to be taken.

Investment Opportunities

For those feeling restricted in the investment opportunities at home, offshore banks offer a wide choice of funds and investments that aren’t available in your home country. It’s an easy and great way to diversify your portfolio.

Steps to Open a Swiss Bank Account

The process of opening a Swiss bank account isn’t challenging, albeit time-consuming, if you prepare properly. There is a minimum deposit requirement, typically at least $100,000. Also, applicants will be asked to provide a valid passport, various documentation pertaining to their financial history and income, and proof that all documentation is valid.

Determine your eligibility

Swiss banks will do their due diligence to make sure non-resident accounts are not being utilized to take advantage of the system for the use of illegal activities. The bank you choose will need thorough verification to make sure you are eligible to hold an account offshore. In some cases, a bank may reject an individual for being a politically exposed person or someone who has been involved in a scandal or is well known for having a negative reputation. Additionally, some countries, such as Russia and Iraq, are barred from opening a Swiss bank account for various reasons, such as official embargoes.

Choose your bank and account

When creating an offshore bank account, it is important to create a list of financial goals you want to accomplish with your new bank account. Use your list of needs to determine the kind of account you will open and where. There is no scarcity of banks to choose from in Switzerland. As an investor, you have a range of unique needs. You will want to pick a bank that has the services that are best for you. To choose a bank, you will need to educate yourself on the bank’s policies, investment opportunities, and reputation. We foster close relationships with some of the most well-respected banks in Switzerland. While you choose your bank and consider your financial needs, you will also explore the various kinds of accounts. There are several different kinds of accounts an individual can open. Every type of account requires an initial deposit and may have other qualifying factors.

Get in touch with the Swiss banks

Opening an account won’t be as easy as clicking some buttons on a website. Individuals seeking to open an account will need to meet a bank representative. If the applicant can not physically appear at a branch or representative office, they may communicate with a representative via mail and request an application package.

Gather your documents

There is a strict application process to opening an account that will require certain documentation that will validate your identity and your intentions with the potential account. This typically includes a copy of your passport that is certified by an approved institution. The bank may potentially ask for documentation regarding the source of the funds expected to enter the account. Swiss banks will not accept funds that they know are suspected of may have been obtained through illegal activities. For example, they could ask for bank statements showing salary payments or documents from the sale of a property or asset.

Opening Swiss Bank Account with Alpen Partners

Our experts are determined to help clients find economic and personal success via financial and personal services geared to high-net-worth individuals’ needs. Placing wealth in a Swiss bank can enhance your asset protection plan, strengthen your portfolio, and access offshore freedom. High-earning clients benefit from our strong partnerships with some of the most prestigious private and public banks around the world. Contact Alpen Partners to find the bank for you. The Alpen Partners team can assist you with every part of your financial and life planning for high-net-worth individuals, including tax planning, asset protection, portfolio diversification, relocation, and more. Connect with us today!

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