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In this article, we dive into why our clients love relocating to Canada, where to live, and how you can begin your expatriation journey with us. Contact Alpen Partners to get started!

Benefits of Moving to Canada

Investors from all over the world find the benefits of living in Canada very appealing. Canada is often voted the best country in the world to live in. The country features a high standard of living, reliable infrastructure, and a clean environment. Let’s take a look at some other reasons why a lot of our clients choose Canada.

A Good Place to Call Home

Canada is well known for being a safe country and is recognized by the Global Peace Index as the sixth safest country in the world to live. It has low crime rates and a low number of residents who own a gun. Also, political stability is attractive for those coming from countries with political uncertainty. The population is diverse, and the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development ranked Canada the most tolerant and accepting population towards minorities. Also, the country is used to foreign investors and offers a wide range of career options for those looking to move there from around the world.

Healthcare and Education

Many of our clients, especially those in the US, appreciate the stance Canada takes on healthcare. It is almost always free to get healthcare as it is funded through government taxes. It is fair and accessible, and there are no hidden fees. As for education, the government spends more on education per capita than any other country, and residents have access to high-quality public education, as well as nearly 100 universities.

Economic Benefits

Canada is an excellent country for business in terms of economic benefits and has access to the entire North American market. It is one of the world’s wealthiest nations and is one of the world’s top 10 trading nations, and has a rapidly growing economy.

If all of these benefits sound right to you, let’s take a look at some of the best-ranked places to live in the country. If you aren’t sure where you want to find your new home in the country, we can guide you through finding the region that matches your needs best!

Where to Live

Many people know they want to move abroad but don’t know how to pick a region of the new country. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular locations in Canada.

Quebec City

Quebec City is the capital of one of the most popular provinces, Quebec. It is a well-known, historic city where people love to live, work, and visit. It should be noted that most of the population in the city speaks French, so those thinking of moving here should consider learning or brushing up on the language.


Vancouver is a beautiful, mountainous region that ex-pats highly laud for its natural appeal and its culture. The city sits right off of the Pacific Ocean and is a great place for snow sports, water sports, whale watching, and all kinds of outdoor activities. It is, however, one of the most expensive regions of the country.


Toronto is a city full of ex-pats and is known for being quite multi-cultural. The population is home to more than 230 nationalities, making Toronto the most ethnically diverse city in Canada.


This is the fifth-best city in the world for ex-pats, so if you want to be around people like you, Montreal is right for you! Ex-pats enjoy the work-life balance, affordable cost of living, and the high quality of life. The only downfall is the long, cold winters.

Other notable regions for ex-pats are Ottawa and Calgary. Last, we will take a look at how you can take your life to Canada easily.

How to Relocate: Requirements to move to Canada

There is a range of options for interested individuals to move to Canada. Our high net worth clients often utilize residence by investment options. These are programs in some areas of Canada that will grant an individual and their family permanent residence after making an investment. Depending on the program, the investment could be made directly to the country’s government, into a business that will benefit the local economy or other qualified investments. There are additional requirements for the investor and their family, such as a minimum net worth, a clean criminal record, and having good health.

Read more about residence by investment in Canada.

Other options include work visas and the express entry program, each with its own requirements. We can work with you to decide which option is best for you. After assessing your current financial situation and goals, we can determine the best option for you and help you with the process. After earning permanent residence, those seeking citizenship will take additional steps to naturalize. Earning citizenship earns an individual a passport which some will use to move to Canada permanently or use as a tool for easier travel, investment opportunities, or as a backup plan.

Relocate to Canada with Alpen Partners

There is a lot to consider when making a move to a new country. Canada checks all of the boxes for investors worldwide, with a high quality of life, free healthcare, investment options, and a strong economy. On paper, the process of moving abroad may sound easy, but many of our clients did not realize navigating the rules and regulations of becoming a citizen of another country aren’t always cut and dry. Our skilled advisors at Alpen Partners will assist you every step of the way of your expatriation and investment journeys. With the help of immigration lawyers and investment professionals, we can find the relocation plan right for you. For more information on seeking residency and investment options abroad, contact Alpen Partners today!

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