Wealth Management


We are more than an asset manager.

Clients with more than $10 million in assets under the management of Alpen Partners can take advantage of our family office services, similar to what large multi-billion-dollar families typically receive through their own family offices. Whether you need help preparing for the future, managing the wealth you have now, or personal matters, our team is equipped to help every step of the way.
Alpen Partners offers a full range of family office management services…
Getting Ready for the Future
Our high net worth clients have worked hard to grow their wealth. We want to ensure they are prepared for their future. Alpen Partners can provide a range of services offer services including:
• Family Governance
• Next Generation Education
Retirement Planning
Estate Planning
Managing Your Current Wealth
Not only will we prepare you for the future. Our team can assist you in any matters involving your current wealth to make sure all of your future plans become a reality. Alpen Partners can assist in these services and much more:
• Portfolio management and monitoring
Financial planning
Risk management
Asset protection
Concierge Services
Beyond financial services, Alpen Partners works with our clients to provide a wide range of personal services. Concierge services include all services that will make the life of our clients easier:
• Cash management
• Personal advisory
• Party planning
• Luxury concierge
• Car or art collection management

We utilize our close relationship with leading Swiss accounting companies to offer our clients best-in-class accounting services.


Giving back can allow you and your family to leave a legacy for years to come. Philanthropy can also be a wonderful tool to teach future generations the power of wealth. Make an impact on global causes you care about. Explore philanthropy options with Alpen Partners.


You are working hard already. Let us take some things off of your plate. Concierge service is the perfect resource to book flights, find lodging, and have incomparable experiences. Sit back and enjoy the ride, and the work is done for you.

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