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Variable universal life insurance is a combination of ULI and PPLI. It has a portfolio of investments at its core and an additional death benefit has been put on top to ensure that the defined amount is paid out independently of the development of the investment portfolio.

  • Investment-linked insurance policy with an additional death coverage on top
  • Combination of death coverage of a universal life insurance (ULI) and the investment flexibility of a private placement life insurance (PPLI)
  • The payout in case of death is guaranteed through the additional death cover, which covers the difference between the value of the underlying portfolio and the defined death benefit
  • Underlying portfolio of assets held with a custodian bank selected by the policyholder

Key benefits

  • Combination of the benefits of a private placement life insurance (PPLI) with the additional death benefit of a universal life insurance (ULI) policy
  • Wide range of investment options
  • Diversification from market risk
  • Liquidity to pay off taxes or liabilities
  • Option to surrender at any time
  • Helping families/co-owner keep control of their business

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