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Asset-backed financing is a great way of using capital intense assets to diversify and create additional yield.

Yachts, planes, classic cars & art

  • Financing, equity release or refinancing of capital intense luxury objects for diversification or liquidity needs
  • Reluctant lenders due to lack of control of moveable collateral
  • Structuring, tax planning and insurance are key
  • Leasing as an alternative to lending
  • Access to non-banking lenders and insurance specialists

Precious metals

  • While many investors seek capital preservation, they may also need cash flow to cover living expenses
  • Lending against precious metals can free up capital for additional investments or generate additional yield
  • Custody services outside the banking system allows for capital release


  • Lending and conversion into traditional assets to improve yield
  • Exposure to other asset classes without selling out of crypto
  • Compliance concerns of banks, counterparty risk and volatility still present challenges
  • Selecting the right partner and accessing crypto brokers, option traders and asset managers is of utmost importance

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