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Custodian banks are often reluctant to offer attractive conditions for lending against single stocks. Alpen Partners has great experience in finding alternative solutions.


  • Locking up securities to access lending and stock lending to generate additional liquidity
  • Banks primarily offer lending against well-diversified portfolios held in their custody
  • Maximizing the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio to get the highest financing by using providers with specific focus
  • Peer-to-peer lending can also involve actively managed certificates (AMCs), an ordinary credit agreement between two parties or the issuance of a bond


  • Borrowing against emerging markets securities can help to diversify from country and/or own company exposure
  • Help to mitigate country, political and currency risk
  • Global banks and non-local banks are typically overly conservative
  • Alpen Partners has a large network of local banks and specialized lenders in order to find tailor-made solutions


  • Many entrepreneurs and families have a too large chunk of their wealth tied up in a single company which results in a large concentration risk
  • Option strategies and leverage of various kinds can help access lending, diversify and generate additional yield

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