How to Get a Swiss Passport

Many of our high-earning clients approach us to let us know they feel limited by their current investment opportunities, the banking systems offered by their home country, or simply need to make [...]

How to Purchase Cryptocurrencies in Switzerland

Cryptocurrency was once a phenomenon among tech-oriented individuals and quickly became one of the hottest topics across the globe. Not only is cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, popular among [...]

Moving to Switzerland

Suppose you are unhappy with your current home country. In that case, whether it’s because of the lack of economic opportunities, you want a better place to raise a family, or any other [...]

5 Investments for Fighting Inflation

Investors around the world are at the whim of the adverse effects of inflation. To hedge against the decreasing value of the dollar, investors need to plan appropriately. In this article, we look [...]


5 Potential Benefits of Setting Up a US Trust

When an investor begins to grow their wealth, it’s crucial to consider what will happen in the future when you are no longer able to make winning investments. What will happen to all of [...]

Best Places to Invest 2021

In this article, we look at some of the best assets you can invest in this year. With rising inflation, economic fallout from the Coronavirus, and other factors, it’s crucial to stay on top [...]

Inflation 2021

There are many factors that are contributing to global inflation, and high-earning investors are working to protect their wealth by making smart investments. This article covers the current state [...]

Relocate to a Tax-Friendly Nation

Many of our clients have found financial success and disappointingly find out they are located in a jurisdiction where they are penalized for having large amounts of wealth. That is why we [...]


What is a Tax-Friendly Nation?

Clients from all over the world are tired of unfair taxation. Some of our US clients are sick of the unpredictable tax changes, including the new estate tax changes implemented by the Biden [...]

Why is Switzerland a Tax-Friendly Nation?

We have so many clients who create a diverse, robust portfolio and hope that will be enough to reach their financial goals. However, some don’t realize that there are opportunities to save [...]

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