Alpen Partners Listed in Top 50 Asset Managers

Citywire Top 50 Asset Managers After the exciting news of our team being honored with three EAM awards, Citywire Switzerland has listed Alpen Partners among the top 50 Independent Asset Managers [...]


Relocate to Switzerland

Why and how you can relocate to this investor hotspot. In this article, we take a look at why high-earning investors look to relocate and the reasons to consider Switzerland as your new home. For [...]


Best Investments for 2022

Protect against inflation and generate income. Investing in 2022 As the global economies are still facing the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, many investors are left wondering what the best [...]

Alpen Partners Honored with Three EAM Awards

This year Alpen Partners was recognized for our hard work during the 2022 WealthBriefing Swiss External Asset Management Awards for Excellence. We are very proud of this recognition as we work [...]

Relocate to Portugal in 2022

Relocate to Portugal in 2022 Move to Europe’s expatriate paradise. There are many reasons someone may want to leave their home country. Advantages like lower taxes, lower cost of living, and [...]


Asset Protection 2022

Asset Protection 2022 Protect your wealth from creditors safely and legally. Creating an asset protection plan is a vital part of financial success. It would be foolish to put effort into making [...]

Relocate to Monaco 2022

Relocate to Monaco 2022 How to move to one of the richest countries in the world. Are you looking for a country that matches your lifestyle? Our highest earning clients often look for a new place [...]

Move to Portugal now

Why you should move to Portugal now Earn the Golden Visa before approaching changes. Since 2012, Portugal has offered one of the most attractive residences by investment programs in the world. [...]

Moving to Switzerland

Moving to Switzerland Relocating to a European paradise. Investors all over the world find themselves outgrowing their life as it is now. Maybe they want to elevate their lifestyle, or they are [...]

Changes coming to Portugal’s Golden Visa in 2022

Changes Coming to Portugal’s Golden Visa in 2022 It’s not too late to save on your Golden Visa.  This is an urgent warning that the current Golden Visa is quickly going away. If you have been [...]

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