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Private placement life insurance provides most of the advantages associated with life insurance, apart from a high death benefit payout. It consists of an investment portfolio held at a segregated account at a custodian bank and managed by a company like Alpen Partners. Most countries grant favorable tax treatment for PPLI.

  • A specialized type of life insurance (unit-linked) designed to suit the policyholder’s country of domicile
  • Policyholder owns insurance policy and insurance company owns the portfolio of assets held at a custodian bank selected by the policyholder
  • Payments to beneficiaries equal the value of the portfolio’s assets plus a minimal death benefit
  • Bankable assets, private equity, real estate, hedge funds and non-traditional assets can be held in the portfolio
  • Alpen Partners can be appointed as the asset manager of the portfolio

Key benefits

  • Wide range of investment options – including private investments
  • Asset protection, wealth preservation and estate planning
  • Policyholder protections (in certain jurisdictions)
  • Tax deferral/preferred tax rates on capital gains and portfolio income in most jurisdictions
  • Flexible inheritance planning (quicker process, flexible beneficiary selection)
  • Option to surrender the insurance policy at any time

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