Real Estate

Wealth Management

Arranging lending for various types of real estate


Mortgages can be used to finance primary or secondary homes as well as commercial properties. Thereby, it is key to avoid or properly deal with too high mortgages. 

  • Often important to use mortgage to optimize taxes
  • Large differences in LTV and conditions between providers
  • Often the best offers come from local providers who can be difficult to access


  • Banks treat development projects different from finished real estate objects
  • Alpen Partners has a large network of possible providers


  • Many clients have real estate without lending
  • Free up liquidity by releasing equity
  • Use equity release as planning tool for pre-estate planning
  • Complex cross-border and tax aspects to be taken into consideration


  • Often very challenging for foreigners to find local providers
  • Alpen Partners has helped many clients from various jurisdictions

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