Tax Optimization Techniques for Global Investors

Investing internationally can be an incredible tool for diversifying your portfolio. Diversifying your portfolio is one of the most well-known and reliable risk management strategies. By having [...]

US Tax-Efficient Strategies for High Earners 2021

There is no way to avoid paying US taxes entirely without leaving the country altogether. While that is an option for many of our clients, it’s not the best option for all. How are [...]

Investing in Canada as a Foreigner

In this article, we will cover why Canada has proven to be a hotspot for foreign investors. A strong economy, access to North American markets, investment opportunities, and residence options are [...]

What US Capital Gains Tax Change Means for Investors 2021

What Changed with Capital Gains Tax? Investors anticipated tax changes when Joe Biden became president of the United States. On April 28, 2021, he introduced changes that would potentially make [...]

How to Open a Swiss Bank Account Easily

Protect your wealth with secure banking. Are you looking to protect your assets but don’t trust your local banking regulations? Would you prefer something more secure and offers better investment [...]


Foreign Investment in Malta

Malta is the smallest country in the European Union but should not be overlooked! This sunny Mediterranean country is the sunniest nation in the EU. It offers wealthy investors the opportunity to [...]

Best Investments to Make in Canada

Are you looking for a new investment destination? Investing in offshore markets can diversify your portfolio, grant you access to new markets, tap into favorable banking systems, and help with [...]

What is a Schengen Passport?

Earn personal and financial benefits by relocating to Europe. Did you know that some passports offer more benefits than others? Every passport comes with a list of countries that the [...]


E2 Treaty Investors

A route to US residency for foreign entrepreneurs. Destinations worldwide are offering programs allowing individuals to make investments in real estate, the job market, reforestation, and more. [...]

Relocating to the United States

Learn how to expatriate easily with our experts. Relocating offers so many benefits to investors that are great for your financial goals and can also provide invaluable cultural experiences. [...]

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