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Private equity is an investment in equity in a private company that is not listed on the stock exchange. This kind of investment is typically medium to long-term and includes active ownership in the company.
Private equity investments can significantly strengthen a company’s management experience and give them access to new markets while providing solid returns to the investor.
Invest in private equity through direct investment, funds of funds, or ETFs.
Invest in private equity with Alpen Partners and receive hands-on services you will not find anywhere else.

• Comprehensive oversight of all private equity assets
• Monitoring of various private equity investments
• Selection and screening of possible new private equity investments
• Advice on mergers & acquisitions
• Support with Initial Public Offerings (IPO)
• Structured finance (project finance, leveraged buyouts and securitization transactions)

• Capital raising
• Comprehensive reports on portfolio development
• Private equity funds: we invest in the best-performing funds of private equity funds to diversify your portfolio.

No one has the network that Alpen Partners has. Contact us today to find the best private equity investments for you. Diversify your portfolio and lower your risk.
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Contact us today to find the best private equity investments for you.