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Diversify easily with this popular alternative

Also known as an ETF, an exchange-traded fund is a security that tracks a commodity, bonds, basket of assets, or index and is traded like a stock on the stock exchange. One advantage is investors gain the diversification of an index fund. ETFs can track a wide range of stocks that are trying to mimic the returns of a country or group of countries, similar to mutual funds. With high daily liquidity, more flexibility, and lower fees than mutual fund shares, ETFs experience daily price changes as they are bought and sold.

Get the returns of a mutual fund at a fraction of the cost and with more flexibility.

Exchange traded funds are passive investment funds. Alpen Partners utilizes ETFs in mature markets and sectors where it’s challenging to find fund managers consistently beating their benchmark.

Advantages of an exchange traded fund include:

  • Diversify your portfolio
  • Track a wide range of stocks easily
  • Take advantage of regional and international markets
The exchange-traded funds make it easy for investors to build their portfolio by meeting asset allocation needs.
Enjoy the ease of trading stock.

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