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Traditional investments make up the bulk of a retail investor’s portfolio, but some individuals are looking for a new kind of investment. Alternative investments offer diversification and hedging for investors with portfolios with different asset classes.
An alternative investment is any asset class that falls outside traditional asset classes, such as stocks and bonds.
Think beyond traditional investments.
Seek alternative investments with Alpen Partners.

Fund of hedge funds
We invest in funds of hedge funds. We chose funds that have a low correlation to equities, a low volatility and a long track record.

Real estate funds
Invest in various real estate funds covering markets of interest for our clients, typically Switzerland, Germany, Asia and the US.

Private equity funds
We invest in the best performing funds of private equity funds to diversify the portfolio.


Sustainable investing has many benefits. Namely, it allows investors to expand the due diligence process when determining if a company is worth investing in.


Invest in startups that hold the potential for long-term growth.


Private equity is an investment in equity in a private company that is not listed on the stock exchange.


Real estate remains a staple in portfolios all around the world. Whether purchasing domestic or international property, Alpen Partners can ensure you find the best investment for your needs.


Most healthy portfolios are made up of typical investments such as real estate, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds…


Even with a strong portfolio, individuals are susceptible to risks like market crashes and negative changes in value.

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