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Goldbach Capital offers comprehensive alternative investment solutions, encompassing direct investments, pooled offerings, and access to premium managers.

Direct Investments

Goldbach Capital prefers direct investments as they can directly access exclusive investment opportunities, have greater control and influence, and can achieve a better alignment of interest for their clients.

This type of investment involves purchasing an ownership stake in a specific private company or real estate asset directly.

Pooled Investments

Goldbach Capital creates vehicles that combine multiple investments into one structure. This solution pools capital from multiple investors to buy stakes in private companies. It offers the opportunity to invest both in mature and earlier stage companies.

Fund Investments

Fund investments involve investing into a well-known fund that pools capital from multiple investors to participate in private market deals that may otherwise be inaccessible. This strategy can provide access to a diversified portfolio of private market investments, but it also comes with higher fees and less control over the investment.

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