Asset Management

Investing in raw materials and protect your wealth

Investing in commodities is one way to protect yourself against inflation. Trading commodities has a long, rich history – much longer than stocks and bonds. The economies of ancient civilizations were based on trading materials rather than currency. Today, commodities can be a great way for investors to grow their portfolio or protect themselves from inflation.

Invest in raw materials like water commodities, precious metals, oil, and more. 

There is a range of ways to invest in commodities.

Consider the following options managed by Alpen Partners:

  • Bars/ Bullions
    There is nothing like physical bars of precious metals. We buy physical metals and get physical delivery in the client’s account at the bank to avoid any collateral risk.
  • ETFS
    We invest in highly liquid, passive investment funds for commodities such as soft commodities where delivery is less of an issue.
  • Mutual funds
    We invest in mutual funds in very specific sectors where fund managers have unique expertise (oil services, mines, China etc.).
  • Futures
    For clients who wish to work with leverage or hedge, we can invest in futures and options on virtually any commodity market worldwide.

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To begin your journey into investing in commodities, contact Alpen Partners.

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