Mutual Funds

Asset Management

Building a diversified portfolio of assets within a single investment

Alpen Partners utilizes mutual funds in specific sectors or markets that are still considered inefficient and where fund managers have been able to consistently beat their benchmark. Contact our team today to begin investing in mutual funds.

Investors can tap into new markets and sectors by investing in mutual funds, a pool of funds collected from investors that are invested into stocks, bonds, money market instruments, and more. These funds are controlled by money managers who distribute the money to produce capital gains or income for individual investors. 

Similar to other kinds of funds, such as exchange traded funds, mutual funds are significant for diversification. A mutual fund allows investors to reach investment classes they may not invest in individually and with less risk. Investing in individual companies and hedging them with other individual investment purchases can become costly. Mutual funds allow for a less expensive way to diversify a portfolio with a single purchase.

Let your investment do the work.

Mutual funds offer benefits that you cannot get from traditional stocks and bonds:

  • High diversification
  • Low cost
  • Hands-on management
  • Lower risk
  • High liquidity

Earn financial diversity with one easy purchase and the guidance of professionals.

Mutual funds are managed by money professionals who know how to work with high net-worth investors and those just starting out. These managers conduct research on companies, create investment strategies and pick the best securities, so the investors don’t have to. Contact our expert team today and find the best mutual funds for you!


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