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Citywire Top 50 Asset Managers

After the exciting news of our team being honored with three EAM awards, Citywire Switzerland has listed Alpen Partners among the top 50 Independent Asset Managers of 2022. For four years, Citywire has curated an overview of Switzerland and Liechtenstein’s most influential independent asset management companies, and we are proud to be featured. In the publication, financial writers described important aspects of asset management, including building a strong portfolio, business strategy, sustainability, alternative investment, ETFs, geopolitics, and more. Alpen Partners was highlighted under the business strategy category for the strategic choice to keep brand recognition when changing the name to ‘Alpen Partners’ from ‘Alpenrose’. The Alpen Partners team is proud of the work with do to assist clients with their assessment management needs. Please continue reading to discover more about some of our asset management services.

Our Asset Management Services

Often, investors with a significant amount of assets need an extra pair of eyes to look at their portfolio’s performance. Others need hands-on help growing and protecting their wealth. Alpen Partners offers asset management services to our clients looking to grow their assets, create a balanced portfolio, and achieve their long and short-term goals. These services include portfolio management and personal financial planning. Every investor’s planning journey is different, and it’s essential to recognize that not all plans will apply to everyone. This is why Alpen Partners offers a wide range of services. We do not want to take over your investment decisions. Instead, we want to work with you and create an investment management strategy that works best for you. Here is a snapshot of some of the asset management services we offer.

Investment Management

Seek financial success with a full range of hands-on asset management services specifically designed to fit your needs. We provide our clients with a solution catered to their specific needs while considering their expected returns, risk tolerance, future liquidity requirements, and potential tax and legal restrictions. If our clients are unaware of their risk tolerance, a risk profile is selected to best suit their objectives. We select an asset allocation that keeps track of variables like the liquidity of the investment vehicles and the diversification in terms of regions, sectors, and currencies. Further, Alpen Partners does not offer in-house investments. Instead, assets and investment vehicles are selected from some of the world’s leading banks and financial institutions. Our team seeks out the best mutual funds, ETFs, and hedge funds on the market today.

Managed Accounts

Alpen Partners also offers managed accounts, which are accounts on which we have full discretion to manage the assets according to a pre-agreed risk profile. Clients with managed accounts delegate the day-to-day investment decisions to Alpen Partners. Clients with a managed account are usually professionals of business who prefer not to be involved in the tedious investment decision process and believe in the long-term risk-adjusted returns we have been able to achieve. Our team completes a thorough analysis of our high-earning clients’ financial situation, including assessing the risk profile and personal circumstances. Alpen Partners will set up an individually structured investment portfolio consistent with our clients’ expected return and risk tolerance.

Advisory Accounts

Our advisory accounts allow the account holder to have a direct hand in trading decisions and make all the final decisions. Still, we also believe the journey through financial planning and investment shouldn’t be made alone. With an advisory account, our team is here to receive and execute the client’s requested trades and get the best prices possible. Our experts help our clients achieve their goals while allowing the client to make the final decisions. We can also make recommendations on what to purchase based on current trends and the account holder’s goals, but we cannot complete the sale without consent from the holder. Clients who have advisory accounts with Alpen Partners are typically economic professionals with significant market experience who are interested in benefiting from Alpen Partners’ extensive knowledge of the market and network but wish to keep complete control of the investment decisions.

FX Advisory

Another type of advising our team does is FX advising. FX, forex, or foreign exchange, accounts are for investors seeking to buy and sell all major global currencies. The FX market grants companies the ability to easily move money across borders with little foreign exchange risk with maximum returns. Our clients will use forex advisory to purchase high-performing currencies like the US dollar, Swiss franc, and Chinese yuan and trade them at calculated times for financial gain.

The forex market can be tricky, so even skilled inventors utilize FX advisory services. Like an advisory account, clients make the final investment decisions themselves. Our team handles spot transactions, forward transactions, FX swaps, futures, options, and structured products in all leading currencies. Depending on the custodian bank that our clients choose, we can also offer advice on and execution of FX transactions in some emerging markets. The type of clients who holes a forex advisory account is usually finance professionals who are looking for the safety of a top-rated Swiss custodian bank with the professional advice of our FX specialists and best-in-class execution of our partner banks.

Receive Award-Winning Guidance from Alpen Partners

With the recent recognition the Alpen Partners team has received, there’s no question why you should trust Alpen Partners with your financial goals. If you are ready to create an asset management plan that will build a strong portfolio, connect with our award-winning team of experts today! Whether you are looking to enhance your portfolio or just trying to plan for the future, our team can assist you. With knowledge of international investment options, we will create and maintain wealth for generations to come.

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