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Discretionary asset management, a strategic approach to wealth management, stands out by entrusting decision-making authority to seasoned investment professionals. In contrast to advisory-only asset management, wherein clients are actively engaged in making investment choices, discretionary management empowers portfolio managers to execute tactical decisions in alignment with a predefined overarching asset management strategy. This approach confers a multitude of advantages, encompassing expert guidance, expeditious decision-making, risk abatement, and the convenience of time-saving, rendering it an alluring option for individuals seeking the oversight of a professionally managed investment experience. It not only optimizes investment portfolios but also nurtures the realization of enduring wealth objectives.

Discretionary asset management – The benefits

Expertise and Professionalism

Discretionary asset managers, often seasoned professionals, possess in-depth knowledge of financial markets and investment strategies, leveraging their experience to optimize returns while minimizing risk.

Stress Reduction

Entrusting investment decisions to professionals reduces stress and emotional biases, fostering rational and disciplined decision-making.


Clients delegate daily investment decisions to portfolio managers, freeing up time and eliminating the need for constant market monitoring.

Global Market Access

Access to a diverse range of global markets due to the asset manager’s extensive networks and resources that enable them to navigate and invest in international markets.


Adjusting asset allocations based on evolving market conditions and economic trends to capitalize on emerging opportunities or mitigate potential risks, maintaining a well-positioned portfolio.

Swift Decision-Making

Discretionary managers adapt to market developments swiftly, adjusting portfolios to changing conditions, which is particularly valuable during market volatility.


With disciplined investment strategies, discretionary managers may maintain consistent performance, irrespective of market fluctuations.


Discretionary managers tailor investment strategies to align with their clients’ financial goals, risk tolerance, and preferences.

Risk Management

Portfolio managers employ risk management strategies, including diversification and asset allocation adjustments to protect and grow their clients’ wealth.

Tax Efficiency

They optimize portfolios for tax efficiency, which is especially advantageous for high-net-worth individuals aiming to minimize tax liabilities.


While clients aren’t involved in daily decisions, they have access to comprehensive reporting, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Advisory-only asset management – Added responsibility for investors

In contrast, advisory-only asset management places decision-making responsibility on the client. While it provides educational opportunities, it demands a level of financial literacy, emotional discipline, and time commitment. Clients may struggle with emotional decision-making, time constraints, and challenges in diversification and tax efficiency. It’s essential for clients to assess their financial goals, risk tolerance, and keep control of their own assets and interests. Advisory-only asset management usually incurs higher fees.

Alpen Partners for discretionary asset management

Alpen Partners | Alpen Partners International (for US clients), an independent Swiss wealth manager, excels in managing assets for internationally minded investors, making us an ideal choice for those seeking international diversification. With our Swiss-based yet global financial expertise and comprehensive understanding of compliance and regulation, we offer tailored services, asset protection strategies, and access to global markets, providing a holistic approach to wealth management.

However, we are not limited to discretionary asset management. We are also an experienced partner for advisory-only asset management, thanks to our commitment to providing personalized financial services tailored to a diverse clientele.

Clients, including Americans, benefit from expert guidance, strategic recommendations, and access to international investment opportunities. Our deep understanding of global financial markets, compliance intricacies, and asset protection strategies ensures clients can make informed, well-considered investment decisions, regardless of their preferred level of involvement in their wealth management.

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