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Second citizenship can be more than a helpful tool for more accessible travel but a key to tapping into a lifestyle of flexibility and freedom. Dual citizenship can mean visa-free travel, lower taxation, better investment options, discreet banking, and much, much more.  There are so many possibilities with dual citizenship.

Obtaining a second passport is different for every country, each with its own timeline, regulations, and requirements. Some require a minimum income, while others may require an investment in real estate, businesses, or job creation. Other countries grant dual citizenship quite easily. For many individuals, obtaining dual citizenship is much easier.

Some countries grant family members, citizens, the right to citizenship. In this article, we will look at some of the European countries that citizenship to the grandchildren of citizens. If you believe you qualify for any of these programs or want to discover the best way for you to earn dual citizenship, contact Alpen Partners below!

This article cannot take the place of proper guidance. Instead, it is a quick guide for those who may qualify. For more information on expatriating and seeking new citizenship, please contact Alpen Partners .


Ireland is often heralded as one of the easiest ways to gain dual citizenship. An individual can gain jus sanguinis citizenship, or citizenship through the blood of ancestors. The only requirement is that one of the individual’s grandparents was born in Ireland. This grants free Irish citizenship.

With Irish citizenship, individuals can work and live in EEA or EU member countries. They can live in the country for 280 days every two years. Any longer and they become a tax resident.

This is a very popular citizenship, as many individuals have ancestors in Ireland. The country has over 14 million passports in circulation, even though it only has a population of four million.


If you are the child of a United Kingdom citizen, you can apply through a three-step process that can take several years.

First, you apply for a UK Ancestry visa, which grants entry to the country for up to five years. After five years, you apply for permanent settlement. After one year of holding this status, you can apply for citizenship.

Under the Windrush Scheme, Commonwealth citizens who arrived in the UK before 1973, or has at least one parent who arrived before 1973 and the individual has lived in the UK for more than two years without leaving, can apply for citizenship.


With Italian citizenship, individuals can live and work across the 27 EU member states without a visa, vote in the Italian Parliament, and easily purchase properties in the country. Additionally, Italian citizenship is automatically transferred to all children under the age of 18.

If an individual is looking for inexpensive dual citizenship or a second passport, Italy offers citizenship to those whose ancestors were born in the country. Other countries, such as Ireland, are known for this way of easily obtaining dual citizenship.

The qualifications can be somewhat tricky but do not seem to cause many issues. Male ancestors usually pass on citizenship to family without limitation, but women can only pass on citizenship to individuals born after 1948.

The application process for Italian citizenship only costs $25!


According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Union, and Cooperation of Spain, a person may apply for Spanish citizenship if at least one of their grandparents are from Spain. Before applying, however, interested individuals must live in the country legally for at least one year.


Hungary is very generous with their citizenship in that the country considers anyone with Hungarian grandparents to be a Hungarian citizen. All these individuals have to do is apply to verify citizenship. Applicants do not even need to have a grasp of the Hungarian language.

In the case that an individual’s grandparents lose their citizenship status, which frequently happened due to various peace treaties that followed WWI and WWII, there is a simplified naturalization process that does require the applicant to speak Hungarian.


Individuals whose ancestors that were removed from Germany due to religious, political, or racial grounds from 1933 to 1945 may be eligible to have citizenship restored.


If your Lithuanian grandparents or great grandparents held citizenship before 1940 and left the country before 1990 or was a deported or a political prisoner, you may be eligible to obtain citizenship.

To obtain citizen status, an individual must prove their lineage by providing documents such as birth certificates or documents that record details such as studies or work prior to 1940.

Alpen Partners and Dual Citizenship

Does dual citizenship sound like precisely what you need for the life of freedom you’ve always wanted? Get your international life started with the expatriation services of Alpen Partners . Tap into new markets, legally lower your tax bill, and go on an adventure.

It is nearly impossible for a single person to know and understand the immigration laws of various countries. That is why if you are serious about gaining a second residency or citizenship, it is vital to consult with an experienced firm, such as Alpen Partners .

With partnerships with respected law firms in various regions of the world, Alpen Partners is advising its clients on every step of the expatriation journey. There is increasing tax pressure globally and professional mobility, expatriation has become one of the most efficient tools for asset protection and estate planning. Dual citizenship clearly has its benefits, so what are you waiting for?

Some benefits can affect your taxes, your investment portfolio, the cost of living, and your lifestyle altogether. As the cost of traveling becomes cheaper, the benefits of expatriation for financial reasons are more easily obtained.

Taking the leap and leaving your home country can be a big decision with tons of personal and legal steps. The hassle of navigating the legal process of expatriation can be reduced with the guidance of Alpen Partners. Each step requires assistance, including getting the passport, making sure everything is completed correctly regarding taxes, acquiring work permits, making investments, and more.

Our expatriation and relocation services take your goals and current situation to handcraft a unique plan for you.

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