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Why you should trust one of the most prosperous countries to hold your wealth.

Do you trust your bank? Do you think that your money could be safer or that your bank could be doing more with your money? Maybe it’s time to try offshore banking. More specifically, you should try offshore banking in Switzerland. Offshore banking has so many advantages from security to investment opportunities. With the advantages of offshore banking and one of the most trusted economies in the world, it’s obvious why Switzerland has been one of the most sought after offshore banking destinations.

Switzerland is a prosperous nation that has a per capita GDP that is higher than most Western European nations. The economy is so strong that there is no national deficit. The Swiss income exceeds its expenses, so the currency is fully backed by a self-reliant economy. The country also boasts low unemployment, high per capita income, and a popular banking destination utilized worldwide.

Because the Swiss economy is strong, the Swiss franc has been one of the strongest currencies for investors looking to make money through the forex market. The Swiss Franc has historically been a stable currency compared to other currencies. Even in times when the rest of Europe was experiencing financial turmoil, the Swiss franc stayed solid.

There are many benefits of the Swiss franc as an investment option. One of these benefits is Switzerland’s strong economic system with controlled requirements and slight growth. This stems from the size of the country. The small country has an equally small population that takes advantage of its natural resources. There are limited investments required for production and agriculture that support the strong economy.

Why Choose Offshore Banking?

Before we explore why Switzerland’s economy has provided some of the best offshore banking to investors and those looking to keep their assets safe, one should be aware of why people choose to do so outside of their home country.

One of the biggest draws to offshore banking is security. For some, depositing money into a bank in their home country is not safe. Luckily, you can choose a country that has historically had higher regulations, transparent jurisdictions, and an all around more secure banking system. This is also beneficial for those who have chosen to expatriate. Many expatriate destinations don’t have the safest banks.

For those feeling the restriction of the investment opportunities at home, offshore banks offer a wide choice of funds and investments that aren’t available in your home country. It’s an easy and great way to diversify your portfolio.

There are tax benefits to international banking. Depending on where your home country is, you may catch some tax breaks for holding your money outside of your tax jurisdiction. Some countries even offer incentives to foreign investors through favorable tax rates in order to attract outside wealth.

Holding money abroad has also proven to be a smart asset protection technique. In the event in which it’s needed, having money in an offshore account can assure you don’t lose everything.

Confidentiality is another leading advantage of banking overseas. Many countries have laws that hold banks to strict confidentiality with serious consequences if it is broken.

Benefits of Choosing Swiss Banks

When looking for an offshore bank, one should choose a country with a strong economy. Since we’ve already established that, we can now look into even more reasons why an account in Switzerland is one of the best offshore bank accounts.

Banks play an important role in the Swiss economy. Because of this, Swiss banking is also highly regarded around the world. They are well known for sophisticated and discreet banking services. In 2017, it was reported that $7.5 trillion in assets are held in Swiss banks and almost 51% of that is generated from clients outside of the country. Choosing Switzerland as a banking destination is choosing years and years of financial stability and growth.

Privacy is a leading factor for those looking to bank offshore. With the same expectations as doctor/patient confidentiality, Swiss laws forbid bankers to disclose that someone even holds a bank account or any information about it without the consent of the account holder. If any of the information is divulged, laws require that immediate prosecution begins.

Holding a bank account in Switzerland is ideal for many because their home country is not as economically nor politically stable as the Swiss government. They are worried about the security of their domestically stored funds.

Opening a bank account in Switzerland is not hard. You may also be asked to have a valid passport, various documents about your financial history and income, and documents proving you are who you say you are.

Not only do individuals trust Swiss banks to hold their money, they also trust them to store their gold and other precious metals. Gold has been a popular way to store wealth for many years and Swiss banks understand the importance of owning actual gold, rather than paper saying you own gold. Storing your gold in Swiss vaults has been a proven way for those who would like to protect their gold to do so safely with trusted banks. Switzerland has historically been one of the leading countries in terms of offshore gold storage. The country has one of the world’s largest reserves of gold per capita.

Where We Come In

At Alpen Partners , we only entrust your money in the hands of the most prestigious and trustworthy banks. When you choose us to guide you through the tricky world of investment, financial planning, and asset managing, know that you are also choosing the world’s best banks, both private and public.

We work with the five largest Swiss private banks, Pictet, Julius Baer, Lombard Odier, Vontobel and J. Safra Sarasin and we also have relationships with the two biggest public banks in the country, UBS and Credit Suisse.

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