A digital banking alternative.

Everyday, we have to deal with some kind of financial responsibility, whether it’s paying a bill, managing our stocks, lending money, or starting a retirement fund. There’s almost no escaping it. Because of this, it’s no wonder technology has been widely used to make our financial burden easier.

Apps like Venmo and Apple Pay allow consumers to pay each other and businesses with a simple touch of a screen. The apps are convenient, secure, and are cheaper than transferring money between bank accounts and using checks. This kind of platform has become very popular among millennials.

We are sure you are familiar with the world of crypto. Cryptocurrency has the ability to make transferring funds easier between two parties. The transactions don’t cost much and allow users to avoid high fees experienced when using most banks and wire transfers.

Imagine combining the ease of new, online banking systems for both yourself and your business with the growing popularity of cryptocurrency. Add easy currency exchange and quick and easy budgeting and you get Revolut, a fintech system that is changing our lives.

About Revolut

Revolut is a UK-based fintech company that offers a variety of services including prepaid debit cards, cryptocurrency exchange, peer-to-peer payments, and currency exchanges. The company began in July 2015 by cofounders Vlad Yatsenko and Nikolay Storonsky, both financial experts.

Since its formation in 2015, Revolut has gathered business from all over the world:

  • More than 3 million customers
  • Over 250 million transactions
  • Has a value of over $33 billion

Don’t just take our word for it. Yatsenko and Storonsky believe firmly that Revolut can adapt and influence an ever-changing financial tech industry. Here is what the creators of Revolut have to say about their services:

“We’re here for those who refuse to settle. Who never stop moving forwards. Who continue to search for new ideas and better experiences in everything they do.

Because today’s hyper-connected world deserves a financial partner just as progressive. One that adapts to your needs, gives you control and constantly pushes you into new exciting spaces.

Global spending and transfers without rubbish exchange rates. Whether you’re running a business or running out for bread, Revolut is building a global bank to suit your lifestyle.”

To understand Revolut better, let us dive into the numerous services it offers.


Revolut is changing the way we do our personal financial activity. In just minutes users can create an account, unlike the bank. Since there are no branches, new users can simply make an account directly from their phone.

One of the greatest features is the built-in budgeting. The app will tell you exactly how much you are spending and on what each month. It will even send immediate spending notifications. Enhance your experience by setting your personal monthly budget so you aren’t spending too much on going out to eat.

Need help saving? The Revolut app can round up every card payment to the nearest whole number and collect the extra change, getting you closer to your set goals.


Not only is Revolut a must-have for your personal banking and financial activity, but there are also advantages to having an account for your business as well, especially with those doing international business.

With Revolut you can make fast, international money transfers and without fees. With a multi-currency business account, users can hold, receive, and exchange 24 different currencies by using the real interbank exchange rate.

Revolut Business also offers you and your team their own prepaid cards that are tied to the company’s account, allowing you to keep track of the team’s expenses. With this access, you can set spending limits for individuals and block cards when they are lost or stolen.

Revolut and Cryptocurrency

Revolut even allows users to exchange cryptocurrency, changing the way trading is done. Long gone are the days that crypto exchanging is difficult and time consuming. Revolut gives users instant exposure to crypto with just the touch of a button, instantly exchanging 24 different currencies directly into crypto.

Users choose from five cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • XRP

Revolut will also give users up-to-date cryptocurrency graphs that display the current rates and can even set up price alerts that will notify traders when the crypto reaches a certain value.

The way Revolut handles cryptocurrency and spending is revolutionary. So is their new Revolut Metal card.

Revolut Metal

Revolut is introducing an exclusive, first-class contactless card that can earn users up to 1% cashback, a concierge service, and more. The card can be used to pay in the supported currencies and cryptocurrencies.

One of the most enticing features of the Metal card is the ability to draw up to €600 each month in free international ATM withdrawals, with a small 2% thereafter to help cover our costs. It also offers a free lounge pass to use at over a thousand airport lounges around the world.

Alpen Partners

Your wealth is important. If you are serious about your life goals, financial planning and investments are probably important to you. Financial planning can involve many steps from tax optimization to asset protection. Different investments have different rules with different returns.

With the help of financial planning, you will be able to predict where you will be in the years to come by evaluating where you are currently, what sources of income you plan to have in the future, investments you plan to make, and your retirement plans.

Alpen Partners Wealth Management International AG, the sister company of Alpen Partners Wealth Management AG, is now a registered investment advisor with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Together with our partner Swiss private banks, our company can now offer the full Swiss private banking experience to American clients, both resident and non-resident.

If you are interested in creating an account with Revolut, our experts can help you every step of the way.