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What you need to know about keeping money with an offshore business.

Many are feeling confined because of local tax structures. Others have wealth but no form of asset protection. By creating an offshore LLC, an individual can do both and more. LLCs allow you to hold funds, make investments, and so much more. The best part is that it is completely legal.

The whole process seems illegal from the outside looking in; taking your money overseas in order to pay less in taxes. The best part is that it’s completely legal. If you want to keep your wealth and pay less in taxes, an offshore business can help you. You can’t just move your money and business overseas and ignore it, though. Individuals with an offshore LLC still need to report taxes.

Keeping reading to find out how an offshore LLC can help you.

What is an Offshore LLC?

Before telling you why you should be starting an offshore LLC, or limited limited liability company, it’s probably important to explain what an LLC is and what makes it different than a corporation. An LLC is a tax-neutral vehicle, being taxed as a partnership and not a corporation. This means that an LLC gets rid of tax at the corporate level.

An LLC can be owned by one person or a group of people. These people are known as members. This LLC can protect members against lawsuits, requires less paperwork than other business types, offers tax benefits, and more.

An LLC can be formed domestically or offshore. This can be a good way for an individual to hold a bank account and keep their investment overseas.

Why Set Up an Offshore LLC

By understanding why you would want to set up an offshore company, you are really understanding what the benefits are. Couldn’t you just make an investment overseas and call it a day? Technically, you could, but you’d be missing out on asset protection and tax savings. All of these benefits are not guaranteed, especially many of the tax cuts. It all really depends on what the tax laws are in each country.

An LLC allows you to move your assets to an offshore company that protects them, diversify your investments, or even save money while living abroad.

Tax Benefits

There are a plethora of tax benefits for going offshore, whether it’s expatrating and living completely in a new country, working, investing, or banking. In many cases, you can lower your tax responsibilities while staying legally compliant. I must emphasize here that an individual still must file earnings with the U.S. or the country that they are a resident of. An offshore LLC does not allow you to hide income.

Asset Protection

Investors are still responsible for their any taxes they are legally responsible to pay but you can enjoy an amount of asset protection. Because the funds are held offshore in a bank, they are not as easily accessible during a frivolous lawsuit. An offshore LLC can protect you from creditors with certainty.

In addition, to sue an offshore business, many courts require a separate lawsuit in the foreign jurisdiction. This means that if someone is trying to get your money, they must also sue your offshore company. The new lawsuit will not take the original lawsuit into consideration. With this, many successfully stay away from the lawsuit completely.

Minimize Probate

When an individual passes away, their living heirs can be taken care of with your offshore investment, but they will have to deal with probate, a tax that occurs when an investment is passed on after a person dies. The probate can be eliminated when the offshore company is used to make the investment.

Starting Your Offshore LLC

If you are ready to form your offshore LLC, there are many things you are going to have to bring to the forefront of your attention. What forms will you need? How many people are involved with the company? What offshore jurisdiction should you choose? Will you need a bank account?

It can often be easier to start a business overseas than domestically, due to looser rules and regulations. Many countries offer incentives for starting a business in their country, because it may mean you will be investing in property or other kinds of investments.

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