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In this article, we will cover why you should take a second look at your portfolio that contains US assets. When you are ready to reevaluate your portfolio, trust the experts at Alpen Partners. With years of experience and global partners, we can ensure your financial goals are exceeded.

What could be wrong with your portfolio?

Even the most skilled investors could use a little help from time to time. Our US clients face many issues when investing in one of the most advanced yet complicated economies in the world. For one, so many of our high-earning clients with assets held in the United States face high and ever-changing tax laws. For example, capital gains tax has always been a topic of discussion for investors, and it’s set to increase. Further, if you don’t have an asset protection plan in place, how will you make sure you don’t suddenly lose the wealth you worked hard to grow. Are your retirement investments tax-favored? Will your beneficiaries inherit assets with little to no taxation? If you answered no or don’t know the answer to those questions, there is some planning to do! All high earning investors should be reevaluating their portfolio to ensure that every changing circumstances aren’t taking their wealth away.

Evaluating your portfolio

There are many different areas of your portfolio that can be evaluated, including the types of investments, how the assets are held, and your plans for the future of your wealth.

Take a look at your investments

This may go without saying, but when looking at your portfolio, one of the first things you will look at is the investments themselves. While your investments may be strong, other factors might be missing. For example, if all of your investments are in a single sector, your portfolio is open to market risk. The moment that the market sees any downfall, you are losing income with nothing to protect yourself. Diversifying your portfolio will ensure there are protections since one market can be completely unaffected by another. Most of our clients will place capital into investments in other countries for this exact reason. If there is a national economic crisis in their home country, their wealth is protected since they invested in a more economically and politically stable country. Examining your investments with a professional will allow you to identify the risks you may be open to and determine the kinds of investments that will combat those risks.

Are your assets protected?

Do you have an asset protection plan? If your financial plan does not include asset protection, your wealth is a risk. Investors with assets in the US should create an asset protection plan to keep their property safe in the event that someone wins a lawsuit against them. This involves taking assets and placing them out of reach of creditors, turning nonexempt assets into exempt assets. Some non-investors say that asset protection is immoral and helps people avoid paying the debts they owe. With the help of skilled professionals, asset protection can happen entirely legally and ethically. Professionals are essential since planning takes an in-depth knowledge of debtor and creditor law, fraudulent transfers, tax planning, civil litigation, property laws, bankruptcy, and other related areas of law.

Restructuring investments

If you feel like you are overpaying taxes for the income made via investments, that’s because you might be. Many of our American clients and clients with assets in the United States are subject to capital gains tax, estate tax, and other taxation that make it harder to grow and protect your wealth. Several different techniques to structuring your investments lower an investor’s tax burden, including creating a trust, setting up a life insurance policy, and more.

Estate and Retirement Planning

No portfolio is complete without including investments dedicated to retirement and the future of their wealth. It’s one thing to create a financial plan that allows you to live lavishly while working and investing, but it’s time to think about the future. Living comfortably after retirement is everyone’s dream. You don’t want to have to worry about where your income is going to come from while you explore the world, stay local to live worry-free amongst family, or however you plan to spend your golden years. Retirement planning is the only way you can guarantee you get to live your best retirement. There are several ways to prepare for retirement in the US, including tax-favored investment options, such as 401(k) accounts and IRA’s.

One vital part of a retirement plan is planning the part of life that comes after retirement. It can be morbid to consider one’s own death, but it’s impossible to ignore since it can be more tragic knowing your family may not have a thorough plan. Creating an estate plan ensures they have all financial logistics prepared for the later years of their lives, such as what assets will be passed down to beneficiaries and how they will be distributed, as well as setting up income for any spouses or dependents you may leave behind. Your portfolio is the vehicle in which the assets are held to be passed down to beneficiaries. Are your assets going to be heavily taxed when inherited? Ensure your assets are as safe from estate taxes as they can be.

Reevaluating your portfolio with Alpen Partners

If you think a portfolio evaluation is long overdue, contact Alpen Partners! Even if you don’t think you are at risk, it’s essential to work with professionals to ensure you aren’t missing out on savings and are protected from risk. Not only will we prepare you for the future. Our team can assist you in any matters involving your current wealth to make sure all of your future plans become a reality. Alpen Partners can assist in these services and much more:

  • Portfolio management and monitoring
  • Financial planning
  • Risk management
  • Asset protection
  • Much, much more!

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