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A blend of history, design, security, and value

The 1000 Swiss Franc banknote serves as a testament to Switzerland’s rich history and unwavering economic stability. Introduced in 1995 by the Swiss National Bank, this high-denomination note has seamlessly integrated into Switzerland’s currency system, exemplifying the nation’s commitment to precision, security, and design excellence.

While the 1000 Swiss Franc banknote may not circulate as widely as lower denominations, it plays a pivotal role in facilitating high-value transactions and safeguarding Switzerland’s financial integrity.

In 2022, over 48 billion 1000 CHF notes were in circulation out of a total of around 87 billion Swiss franc banknotes. This high circulation indicates that, beyond everyday transactions, the 1000-note is widely used as a store of value.

Globally recognized as the most valuable commercial banknote, the sustained demand for it emphasizes its enduring significance. The ninth banknote series depicts a typically Swiss characteristic, which is then illustrated graphically using a key motif. Each characteristic is communicated via an action, a Swiss location, and various graphic elements. The inspiration behind the banknote series is ‘The many facets of Switzerland’.

Security features

Apart from its visual appeal, the 1000 Swiss franc banknote incorporates cutting-edge security features, reflecting Switzerland’s dedication to countering counterfeiting. They have numerous security features – some new, some tried and tested. Using a range of technologies, these features are incorporated into the note’s innovative, three-layer substrate (Durasafe®). The new series offers a unique combination of complex security features and sophisticated design, making it difficult to counterfeit. Although the design elements differ from note to note, the security concept is identical across the entire series (200, 100, 50, 20, and 10 franc notes). The Swiss National Bank consistently updates these security measures to stay ahead of counterfeiters, reaffirming the 1000-note as a reliable and trustworthy currency form.

The notes are a unique blend of artistic brilliance, advanced security measures, and as a representation of Swiss culture they are solidified it as a symbol of prestige, reflecting Switzerland’s enduring commitment to excellence in every aspect of its currency.

Contrary to Hollywood-style notions, the idea that a suitcase full of 1000-notes could be used for money laundering is debunked. The CHF currency area is too small for such activities, and the notes are too conspicuous, according to the Federal Office of Police (fedpol). The Money Laundering Reporting Office Switzerland has found no indications that these high denominations of cash have been misappropriated for criminal purposes.

The Swiss Franc, commonly abbreviated as CHF, is the official currency of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The term CHF is derived from the Latin name of Switzerland, “Confoederatio Helvetica” and the “F” stands for Franc.

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