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Traditional investments make up the bulk of a retail investor’s portfolio, but some individuals are looking for a new kind of investment. Alternative investments offer diversification and hedging for investors with portfolios with different asset classes.
An alternative investment is any asset class that falls outside of traditional asset classes like stocks and bonds.
Think beyond traditional investments.
Seek alternative investments with Alpen Partners .

Fund of hedge funds
We invest in funds of hedge funds. We choose funds that have a low correlation to equities, a low volatility and a long track record.

Real estate funds
We invest in various real estate funds covering markets of interest for our clients, typically Switzerland, Germany, Asia and the US.

Private equity funds
We invest in the best performing funds of private equity funds to diversify the portfolio.


With a fixed income investment, investors receive fixed interest payments until the maturity date. This includes government and corporate bonds.


The market is a big sea of investors and traders who buy and sell shares, changing the prices. Save yourself from drowning.


Diversify your portfolio, hedge against inflation, and gain returns with  commodites.


We invest in mutual funds of specialized bond managers when buying single bonds is not possible.


Alpen Partners utilizes ETFs in mature markets and sectors where it’s difficult to find fund managers consistently beating their benchmark.


Tokenization and blockchain is developing further each day. Stay on top of this emerging market with Alpen Partners.

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