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Make an impact with your wealth.

With your wealth, you have the power to make an impact on a global scale. Create change in popular causes such as education, civil rights and racial discrimination, employment issues, healthcare, immigration, and climate change. Alpen Partners can guide you through making a positive impact through sustainable investing, donations to charity, volunteering, and more.
Use your wealth to reflect your goals and values.

There are many avenues to making an impact:

Direct Donations– Giving money directly to charities or organizations is one of the easiest and most utilized ways to make a contribution.

Volunteering– This is a hands-on contribution and can be fun! There are many roles and responsibilities that one can assume, from a basic volunteer to board members. Individuals can choose to spend; however long they want to contribute this way directly.

Donor-Advised Funds– Grants are given to charities from the giving account and can even be anonymous.

Private Foundations– When wealthy individuals and families create private foundations, they have power over grantmaking. They give families control over grantmaking and investments and engage in various levels of the foundation.

Socially Responsible Investing– Partnering with leading specialists in the sustainable investments space, Alpen Partners is offering portfolios that are focused on the best long-term sustainable investments that are equally dedicated to seeking solutions to some of the issues we face today.

It is never too late to make an impact. Contact Alpen Partners and receive all of the information you need to make a positive change in the world today.
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Make an impact with Alpen Partners today.