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FX Advisory accounts are accounts on which Alpen Partners can place orders that are instructed by the clients to trade currencies. Clients with FX advisory accounts make the final investment decisions themselves. Alpen Partners has a limited power of attorney on the account, with the authority to place FX orders in the system but not wire cash or securities out of the account.
Alpen Partners uses its extensive network and access to the trading floors of its partner banks to offer an 8am-10pm Swiss time service.

We can handle spot transactions, forward transactions, FX swaps, futures, options and structured products in all leading currencies. Depending on the custodian bank that our clients choose, we can also offer advice on and execution of FX transactions in some emerging markets.

Clients who have FX advisory accounts with Alpen Partners are typically finance professionals who are looking for the safety of a top-rated Swiss custodian bank with the professional advice of our FX specialists and best-in-class execution of our partner banks.

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