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Alpen Partners’ Key Services with the Nationwide Canada Portfolio Manager Licence

As an independent Swiss wealth manager, Alpen Partners, with offices in Zurich, Geneva, Lugano, and Bäch/Wollerau (headquarters), holds a coveted Portfolio Manager licence from the Canadian Securities Administration, covering all ten provinces. Our nationwide Canada Portfolio Manager licence allows us to offer a spectrum of key services tailored for Canadian clients domiciled in Canada and abroad.

Investment advisory services for tailored strategies

Our seasoned team dedicated to serving Canadian clients excels in providing personalized investment advice and customizing internationally diversified wealth management strategies to fully align with the individual goals, risk tolerance, and financial circumstances of each client. With our commitment to comprehending our clients’ unique financial profiles, we surpass one-size-fits-all solutions, ensuring that our recommendations reflect a nuanced understanding of their specific needs and aspirations. Our approach revolves around crafting a bespoke financial plan, not only addressing immediate objectives but also aligning with long-term financial goals.

We also provide comprehensive advisory services to our clients, including guidance on Canadian securities. This encompasses assisting individuals involved in executing initial public offerings (IPOs) on the Canadian market. Our expertise extends beyond mere transactional support, as we offer strategic insights and tailored advice to navigate the complexities of the Canadian securities landscape.

Furthermore, while our global financial services extend to Switzerland, where we facilitate the booking of assets at Swiss custodian banks, we also maintain a strong presence as a booking center in Canada. Collaborating closely with several well-established banks in Canada, we ensure a synergistic approach to wealth management. This dual capability allows us to offer our clients a versatile and integrated solution, combining the advantages of both Swiss and Canadian financial systems.

In executing our tailored strategies, our team of experienced professionals leverage their expertise to optimize investment portfolios and elevate overall financial well-being. By harmonizing our recommendations with the individual requirements of each client, we strive to foster enduring relationships built on trust, transparency, and a mutual dedication to financial success. Through this personalized approach, we empower Canadian clients to navigate the intricacies of the international financial landscape.

Streamlined discretionary portfolio management

With a discretionary portfolio management mandate and a limited power of attorney, our team can streamline investment decisions without the requirement for prior client approval on each transaction. This capability allows us to swiftly and efficiently execute investment strategies aligned with market dynamics and client goals. With our experts at the helm of discretionary portfolio management, clients can expect a seamless and agile approach, ensuring timely responses to market opportunities and optimal portfolio adjustments in alignment with their financial objectives. In addition, Alpen Partners also provides advisory-only mandates.

Efficient trading and execution

We efficiently execute trades on behalf of our Canadian clients, adhering to the approved investment strategies that actively contribute to our robust portfolio management approach. This licensed capability ensures a dynamic and responsive investment strategy, allowing us to make informed decisions and adjustments in real-time, aligning with market trends and optimizing our clients’ portfolios for sustained financial growth and success.

Direct client engagement with relationship management

The granted license facilitates direct interactions, serving as a gateway for us to actively engage in meaningful discussions about our clients’ investment goals. This direct communication allows us to gain invaluable insights into their financial aspirations, enabling us to tailor our strategies to better align with their specific objectives. Additionally, we provide timely updates on portfolio performance, ensuring our clients are well-informed about the progress of their investments and are equipped to make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Furthermore, the license plays a crucial role in addressing inquiries or concerns related to managed investments. We can promptly respond to client queries, offering clarity and transparency in all matters related to their portfolios.

This proactive approach not only enhances client satisfaction but also reinforces the trust and confidence they place in our services. By facilitating direct and open communication, we ensure that our clients feel supported and well-informed throughout their financial journey with us.

We efficiently execute trades on behalf of our Canadian clients, adhering to the approved investment strategies that actively contribute to our robust portfolio management approach. This licensed capability ensures a dynamic and responsive investment strategy, allowing us to make informed decisions and adjustments in real-time, aligning with market trends and optimizing our clients’ portfolios for sustained financial growth and success.

New horizons through citizenship and residence planning

At Alpen Partners, we recognize the intricate connection between financial well-being and various aspects of an individual’s life, including personal aspirations and lifestyle choices. Moving beyond traditional investment strategies, our comprehensive view encompasses understanding and addressing our clients’ broader life goals, particularly the ambition to relocate to another country. We specialize in citizenship and residence planning for Canadians seeking new horizons or for non-Canadians wishing to settle in Canada.

We understand that the decision to move internationally involves a multitude of considerations, including financial, legal, and logistical aspects. We work closely with our clients to deliver tailored solutions, evaluating the many investment migration programs, taking tax implications and legal requirements into consideration, ensuring that our clients can make informed decisions aligned with their financial goals and desired lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Whether the goal is to enjoy Switzerland’s enhanced lifestyle, explore the vastness of Canada, or submerse in another destination, integrating citizenship and residence planning into our wealth management framework, allows our clients not only to preserve and grow their wealth but also embark on transformative life journeys to enhance business opportunities, access superior education and healthcare systems, or simply enjoy a different cultural experience.

Alpen Partners: The Canadian professional’s gateway to Switzerland and international investing

Exploring the vast opportunities of Switzerland and international investing is easy with Alpen Partners. Our Canadian network includes family offices, wealth planning attorneys, asset managers, estate planners, asset protection lawyers, international tax experts, insurance advisors, CFPs, CPAs, and other industry experts. We aim to empower these professionals by providing opportunities to enhance their client offerings and planning capabilities through strategic collaborations specializing in internationally diversified wealth management strategies.

Engaging in a strategic partnership with Alpen Partners not only offers a competitive edge but also significantly enhances the value of the services provided by Canadian professionals. Through a collaboration, our Canadian partners seamlessly integrate international and jurisdictional investment diversification, marked by the distinctive expertise of Switzerland. Our global investment strategies complement existing domestic portfolios, offering clients a comprehensive and diversified approach to wealth management. This joint effort ensures that our partners can deliver sophisticated financial solutions, bringing the benefits of “Made in Switzerland” investment strategies closer to their clientele.

In Switzerland, Alpen Partners serves as a vital “Canada connection”

We extend comprehensive support to independent Swiss wealth managers as well as banks, trustees, and foundations lacking the Canada Portfolio Manager licence. Despite these limitations, our collaborative approach aims to enhance service offerings, ensuring a harmonious and compliant partnership that elevates the overall quality of financial advisory services delivered to Canadian clients. Our flexible solutions, tailored to unique needs, underscore our commitment to successful and compliant collaborations in the Canadian financial landscape.

Our multi-faceted approach

Alpen Partners’ multi-faceted approach caters to the diverse needs of Canadian clients looking to diversify into Switzerland, while also extending a comprehensive suite of services to international clients keen on exploring opportunities within the Canadian market.

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