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Let us help you prepare for the future and make your life easier.

For clients with more than 10 million in assets under its management, Alpen Partners offers clients a complete range of family office services, similar to what large multi-billion dollar families typically receive through their own family offices.

Our clients have realised the cost and efficiency benefits of having Alpen Partners take care of their family office, and they have appreciated that the need to own their own family office became a dispensable luxury.

Preparing for the Future

One of the main reasons an individual should consider forming a family office is what it can do for their future. People with high net-worths have worked hard for their money and it would be a shame for it to be wasted in the event that they are not around anymore.

With the help of Alpen Partners , your family office can be equipped with the following resources to ensure your wealth is taken care of.

  • Family Governance- How can we preserve our values while continuing to adapt and innovate the business? When will the heads of the family business retire? Will the next generation be prepared to oversee investments and advisors? These are all questions that can be answered when creating a family governance.

A family governance is a plan created using your values and goals that lays out the plan for your wealth for generations to come. This is also the step where those values are discussed, developed, or changed.

  • Next-Generation Education- The significant wealth that you and your family have worked hard for will one day be passed on to the next generation. This can include money, assets, or even a business. Unfortunately, wealth does not come with an instructions manual. Unless your heirs are fully educated on what having significant wealth means and the responsibility that comes with it, the future may not look as bright as you had always imagined.

Incorporating a next-generation education plan into your family office planning will make sure that your family members are ready for the responsibility.

Our goal when assisting you with this major step is ensuring that your values are kept at the forefront of the plan.

  • Retirement PlanningLiving comfortably after retirement is everyone’s dream; not having to worry about saving money and finally being able to relax. If you want to live a quiet life in the countryside, or even spend your life exploring the world, a plan needs to be set in place in order to achieve that goal. Retirement planning is the only way you can guarantee you get to live your best retirement.
  • Estate PlanningWithin retirement planning falls estate planning. This will make life easier for the ones you love when it comes time. Making an estate plan, you can guarantee that all of your belongings and wealth are allocated correctly.

While estate planning, you will determine to whom assets are allocated, how much may go to a philanthropic organization, what will happen with your belongings, and more. Without an estate plan, lawyers may have a hard time determining what will happen with your wealth and can cause a rift in a family dynamic.

Your Current Wealth

Along with planning for the future, by forming a family office, your current wealth can be protected through risk management, portfolio advisory, financial planning, and more.

  • Portfolio Management and MonitoringPortfolio optimization looks at an individual’s investment decisions through formal mathematics. Techniques include quadratic programming, nonlinear programming, mixed integer programming, and more. Modern portfolio theory is one of the most popular approaches. It involves categorizing the investment world based on risk and return. One then chooses which investments produce the desired return versus risk.
  • Financial Planning– Financial planning involves evaluating your current and future finances by using known aspects of your financial state to make predictions about what can happen in the future, including cash flow, asset values, and withdrawal plans. The plan utilizes your net worth, tax liabilities, asset allocation, and future/retirement/estate plans to develop the best plan for you and your family.

There is no perfect plan for everyone when it comes to financial planning, which is why it is encouraged to seek advisors educated in doing just that. Returning to the house analogy, chances are you don’t know much about how to design or construct a home. Hiring a financial planner is like hiring the contractor to organize the construction of your new home.

  • Risk ManagementRisk management is identifying what losses may occur when making an investment and finding a way to lower the potential loss from the investment. Risk management involves planning ahead for the risk to occur and knowing how to avoid or reduce the effect.

Just like in everything you do, when making an investment you are opening yourself up to many financial risks, such as high inflation, volatility in capital markets, bankruptcy, recession, and more.

In order to make make the risk smaller, and to minimize the probability that your investment will run into a risk, investors and fund managers practice risk management.

  • Asset ProtectionFamily offices should strongly consider an asset protection plan. Whether the wealth is earned from the white collar and blue collar worlds, or through self-employment, nobody wants to work hard for their money and watch it slip through their fingers.

Through asset protection planning, you stand a chance at protecting your valuable property. You will find that asset protection planning takes early planning and proper guidance to meet the objective of taking the chips off of the table so that if bad times hit, you can walk away less scathed.

There are many reasons you should make a plan, mainly involving keeping your property safe in the event that someone wins a lawsuit against you. To avoid this, asset protection planning is key.

  • PhilanthropyHaving a large amount of wealth comes with a lot of responsibility. Through philanthropy, motivated individuals can use their large net worth to make a contribution to an organization that carries the same values and ethics as themselves. Some family offices choose to create institutions that bring a change to the world that they wish to see.

With charitably-minded investments, wealthy families and smart investors make efforts to support, explore, and build a culture of shared purpose.

Secretarial Services

Secretarial services include all services that will make the life of our clients easier.

Cash management, personal advisory, and party planning are some of the services that our team can offer.

Alpen Partners provides its larger clients with the full range of family office services. More than being simply an asset manager for clients, we become their trusted partner to handle all aspects of their private affairs.

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