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Pierre Gabris

Pierre Gabris

Founder and Managing Partner

It’s a pleasure to e-meet you!

As someone who travels the globe, including frequent visits to the United States and Canada, I enjoy the opportunity to engage with our international and North American clients, meet esteemed advisors and professionals, and expand my network while fostering meaningful relationships. Amidst the challenges brought by the pandemic, I also discovered the immense value of LinkedIn. I genuinely appreciate the platform's ability to connect me with new contacts and forge valuable relationships.

Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself and what we do at Alpen Partners and Alpen Partners International. I am also honored to bring Switzerland closer to you and welcome you to my network.

Pierre Gabris

Pierre Gabris

Founder and Managing Partner

Welcome to Switzerland

Swiss-based but with a global reach, I have been serving an international clientele from over 30 countries including the United States and Canada since 2006.

Alpen Partners has now acquired the Canadian licence as a Portfolio Manager throughout Canada. This licence grants us the opportunity to offer investment advice and expertly manage investment portfolios on behalf of our Canadian clients.

Our capabilities encompass the buying, selling, and management of securities, including those within the Canadian market. With our deep understanding of the Canadian landscape, our clients can rest assured that we make informed decisions, providing valuable guidance to a diverse range of individuals, particularly entrepreneurs, executives, and those holding stocks and options in Canadian listed companies.

The Canadian stock market has emerged as a frontrunner in pioneering new trends and technologies, ranging from mining and sports betting to cryptocurrencies, blockchain, gaming, and AI. Many of the visionary entrepreneurs in these fields seek solutions to safely custody their assets outside of Canada, driven by motives such as diversification, asset protection, and hedging.

Alpen Partners International, the entity registered with the SEC as an investment advisor is specifically established to cater to American clients residing in the US and abroad, as well as those transitioning into US residency, becoming US Persons.

Expanding investment horizons

Operating from Switzerland, we possess the unique ability to help both international and North American investors broaden their investment horizons beyond the confines of domestic-only portfolios. We aim to mitigate the risks associated with home-bias tendencies by offering bespoke, globally-diversified investment strategies that seamlessly complement existing local investment portfolios. In addition to asset management, we provide a wide range of family office services.

Switzerland's longstanding political and economic stability has positioned it as an unrivaled jurisdiction and the global leader for cross-border private wealth management. Investors worldwide turn to Switzerland, a country that maintains its AAA-rating with a stable outlook, as confirmed by leading rating agencies such as Fitch.

In the midst of the current high-inflation environment, Switzerland has demonstrated resilience. Over the past 12 months, inflation has been a modest 2.3%, significantly lower than other Western countries. Investors recognize the Swiss franc as a sought-after long-term source of value.

Working together

I greatly enjoy collaborating with forward-thinking advisors who are eager to enhance their clients' wealth strategies by incorporating a Swiss-based, international component. Together, we can deliver true added value to our clients.

Let’s discover…

Just a phone call or click away, I am excited to discover opportunities for collaboration. I am looking forward to touch base personally, whether through a call or video chat.

I’m also looking forward to meeting you face-to-face during one of my next trips. Naturally, you are always welcome to mix business with pleasure and visit Switzerland to experience the captivating atmosphere of the Swiss financial center firsthand… and see the sights!

We have offices in Bäch/Wollerau (headquarters), Geneva, Zurich, and Lugano.

With best regards from Switzerland,
Pierre Gabris, Founder and Managing Partner

I'm looking forward to scheduling a call/video call to touch base personally! 

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